When people belong, they come to life.

When people belong,
they come to life.

We help you attract and engage people
who will thrive in your culture.


You create the culture.
We make sure it’s clear and consistent.

• • • •

Compelling cultures are talent magnets, attracting self-aware, go-getters who want to align with your business and grow. Most Founders have a sense of what they want their culture to be, they’re just not always sure how to get there. We help you create seamless hiring, onboarding and employee development experiences that reflect your purpose and values.


How Do You Currently Hire?

Skills, Experience, Personality

Do you look for specific technical expertise you feel you need on the team?

Do you hire based on a resume and proven track record?

Do you tend to attract and select employs who are like you?

Motivation, Aptitude & Culture Fit

Do you look for intrinsically motivated people and discover what drives them?

Do you hire based on the potential to learn, grow and problem solve?

Do you tend to attract employees who share the values of your organization?


Why Hiring for Motivation, Aptitude & Culture Fit Works:

Just because someone can do a job, doesn’t mean s/he will. Motivation, combined with the capacity to develop new skills, is a much better predictor of success than past performance. When you hire employees who believe in your brand, want to be their best, and work hard to learn, you can teach them just about anything.


What We Do

At Treefish Group, we link business strategy with HR strategy by clarifying goals and identifying the characteristics you’ll need on your team to achieve them. We also weave your mission, vision and values into your processes and systems, to create a culture-driven employment experience that attracts and engages people who will thrive.


Our Process

We assess where you are now vs. where you plan to be in the next 3-5 years to determine what’s in the gap. Then we develop a 12-month Talent Map that outlines key hires, employee development initiatives, and critical HR practices that will drive success.

You are welcome to implement our 12-month Talent Map in-house, or retain TreeFish Group to be your fractional CHRO.


About Us

We believe every person on your team has a super power that can galvanize your business. We help you create an environment where those powers can be discovered and leveraged.