Anchor Your Vision.

At Treefish, we're driven by purpose, so we start with understanding your mission, vision, and values.  Once we have a clear sense of who you are and why you exist, we look at what differentiates you from competitors.  

Everything you do should flow from your purpose and reinforce your competitive advantage. If your long-term goals and annual plan aren't value-aligned or giving you a leg up, they need to be tweaked.   

After spelling out goals that support your vision, we dig into current talent management practices to learn whether you're hiring appropriately and taking advantage of the strengths on your team.

We also assess your employee experience. Everything your employees touch - from the moment they apply, to the day they walk out the door - builds an experience. This is your culture.  If you aren't intentional about creating a culture that reflects your brand, you aren't going to have engaged and productive employees.

Hiring us means you’ll be thinking holistically about your people and adopting person-centered talent practices that anchor your vision and actualize untapped potential.


Phase 1



To help you attract and engage people who will thrive in your culture, we first define your long-term, strategic objectives and operational needs. We conduct a SWOT analysis to learn your core competencies and clarify your competitive advantage. Finally, we wrap our arms around the dynamics of talent supply and demand, as it relates to your specific business and industry.



To get familiar with daily life in your organization we spend time on the job, working alongside your people. We pay attention to team member interactions and how individuals engage with their work. We look at the physical environment and assess the overall tone of the space. One-on-one interviews help us explore emerging themes and drill down to how your people really feel about their lives on the job.



During analysis, we unpack mission/vision/values and determine whether they are captured precisely and demonstrated consistently, not only by your people, but via your processes and systems. Analysis is about understanding your current and desired culture, and figuring out what it’s going to take to close the gap.

Phase 2



Your people are undeniably your greatest asset. Unfortunately, too much of the time talent goes unrealized in organizations. This can happen for a variety of reasons - poor planning, poor management, lack of development, misunderstanding of organizational needs and bench strength, or simply a focus on the wrong things. Through our mapping process we clarify your annual goals and outline a 12-month strategy for maximizing potential on your team, and closing talent gaps.



The overall goal of the planning phase is to create stakeholder alignment and buy-in around your 12-month Talent Map, while adopting shared language and mitigating potential risks.



Implementation is where the rubber meets the road. Our goal during this phase is to not only execute against your 12-month Talent Map, but also create lasting processes and procedures that can be refined in real-time and used year after year.